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Having a backup key can save you from the frustration associated with a lockout. At Helpbringer locksmith, we are a full service locksmith company and one of the services that we offer our customers is key duplication. Therefore, if you are looking for an automobile key duplication, residential key duplication or commercial key duplication, contact Helpbringer  locksmith is  the best company for key duplication service. Having a duplicate key for your office or home will save you hours of waiting especially when your colleague or friend is miles away. Here are some good reasons why you should trust Helpbringer  locksmith for Key Duplication Service


Rekeying is the process of changing the pins inside of a lock cylinder so that it fits the new key and rejects the former. Sometimes, rekeying is the preferred method to change lock cylinder since it provides nearly the same security level as a new lock.

Additionally, it doesn’t require any new parts and is thus much cheaper than a lock change. And an easy service for a lock and key professional to handle, such as a locksmith.


Few dilemmas can feel as frustrating as having the car door slam in your face. And seeing that your keys are still in the ignition, with all the doors securely locked tight. Or running out of the house to retrieve the morning paper and having the front door slam shut, with you locked outside on the porch.

Our professional locksmith service is a 24-hour year round mobile service that will get your door open in no time.


Helpbringer locksmith has many years of experience offering Car Lockout Services to automotive clients. For the many years that we have worked, we have attained high levels of success and ensured our customers are happy as we offer a fast car lockout service. Also, we offer 24 hour car locksmith services.


It is always advisable that you carry out regular lock inspections. Further, hiring a qualified locksmith to do so is the best alternative so as to ensure inclusive servicing. One of the services offered by Helpbringer  locksmith is lock repair service. This service is designed to ensure your residential home, office locks and your automobile locks guarantee you the required security always.

If you have been looking for the best locksmith services provider who will ensure your locks are in good condition you have just found the right page.

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